Saturday, January 30, 2016

Grandson's Birthday Invite_most recent work

I spent this morning working on this birthday invitation for our cutie-patootie grandson, Maddox.
My daughter in law asked me to help her with the invitation and it was a joy and pleasure to do so. The birthday invite for Maddox was made completely as a digital document so his mommy can print them and send them out in the mail. This was my first time to use Adobe Photoshop Elements solely for a project. I typically use Photoshop and Illustrator (both programs are on an older and super slow computer), but over the holidays, I took a 10-day trial period (find it here: ) to become familiar with PE and learned a lot!  So much so that I ordered the new version (14) and installed it on our iMac.

What I absolutely adore about the birthday invitation above is that we stayed on the theme that we used for his baby shower...Mustaches!  Below is a (not so great) snapshot of Maddox's Baby Shower Invite, each handmade / paper-crafted using a mustache paper punch, mustache washi tape, and ribbon threaded thru the top (you learn to put certain embellishments that enhance but LAY FLAT and are not TOO BULKY because postage for that kind of pretty stuff starts costing $$$ due to the envelopes having to be manually ran through at the post office) yes, I learned the hard way on their first son's baby shower invitation that had a bow -tied and attached at the top of the invitation!

How Fun! (note: I blur out personal info before posting was done purposefully!)
This is the link where I downloaded the chalkboard background a good two years or so ago. Let me mention that it is F-R-E-E! However, please respect usage limitations. This site has hi-res chalkboard backgrounds available for a minimal fee. Look around, there's some good stuff at this site (see if you find the Kombucha infographic, it's freakin' A M A Z I N G. I need to learn how to make that stuff-I hear it's good for you. Also, there is a tutorial on converting handwriting using an app called Adobe Shape into vector shapes-although it seems you must have a Creative Cloud subscription...hmm.
AND, here is my 'stache.
This is the mustache I was working with for the birthday invite. The graphic was used twice in the first pic above. I changed the color to black #000000 and resized.
Impressions by Melody / graphic design / event styling / all things funky
It's a jpeg and if you use it, give some credit back here, please & thank you... I call it the curious mustache 2! The 'stache lives on!!

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