Friday, March 18, 2016

SIWAS 2016 01&02/January & February Challenge Honeymoon & Hello

My First Layout with the Scrap It With A Song Design Team

Yikes! This was for the January challenge for Scrap It With A Song (SIWAS), Honeymoon by Lana del Rey. Continue reading below to see February's challenge also (I have been slacking on the blog posts, sorry).  Both months' pages complete a full 2-page layout.

The song Honeymoon made me want to scrap pictures of when my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. He totally surprised me with a much-anticipated, first-ever 'honeymoon' getaway to Dallas and then to Maryland. When we got married, 28 years ago, we went to our cozy little apartment and hubby got his crew car ready for work and I helped pack his lunch-tuna and boiled eggs. The hubs has always been a faithful and diligent provider and worker to keep our family of seven taken care of.  I so admire him for his strong work ethic and realize that he has been a shining example for our children to look up to. I guess he wanted to really do a good, cool thing for our 25 years of marriage and he planned a getaway that was tailored to my likes and desires. We began by a run to a jewelry store prior to catching a plane to Dallas. I gave him the new wedding band in the picture and he is holding the James Avery charm bracelet he had ordered for me for you special silver celebration of marriage. 
Next was a football game and a visit to the Fort Worth Stockyards with friends-good times! Then hubby really out-did himself when he arranged for us to go to CANTON! Oh my goodness-sake!! If you know me, you know that I was in heaven for I have a deep love for all things chippy, vintage and 'the hunt' which is necessary to find those cool unique things. I could have camped out there for days, but he had a couple other things up his sleeve! We caught a plane to Maryland where his brother set us up royally in a hotel room and treated us to some Peruvian food and site-seeing, but the best of all were the two events my man had arranged for us to attend. One evening we went to My Fair Lady and the next was The Nutcracker.  
Loved, loved our special time together and what a wonderful trip!! That was three years ago and I had yet to document our trip. The SIWAS challenge of the month motivated me to put creative process into play and I am pleased to show two pages (one for January and the next for February-below) from that weekend.  I used some foil papers I picked up at Hobby Lobby. On the first page layout, I went with the feather background and implemented some winter-y snowflakes because our anniversary is at the beginning of December.

February's challenge pop song was "Hello" by Adele. I continued honoring our anniversary trip by making a second full page layout that showed pics from the events I shared above.

Obviously, dear hubby is tolerant of pics that I want to snap to document our time together, and sometimes I'll even get him smiling! I guess he thought it was a bit much to get a pic next to the life-size nutcracker... The other pic is of us in the elevator, going to the play. I chose to use the song inspiration 'hello' to caption our pictures (kinda along the lines of 'hello, big nutcracker')! I took inspiration from the design layout during a crop I attended where we were to use a Laura Whitaker full page format. Washi tape and spiral gold & silver brads add a little extra special bling. 'Hello' is a Thickers product from Tuesday Morning and the stitched circle/dot banner was a clearance item from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for taking time to get through my CATCH UP post. Happy crafting to all the creatives out there!!

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