Friday, August 4, 2017

SIWAS 2017 03/March Challenge Mariah Carey-Emotions

I may not be in the favor with these young ladies, especially my daughter in the center, after posting this for the world to see.  However, their graduation activities pic captures the SIWAS song "Emotions" challenge perfectly and I just had to go with it...  I had asked them what are they going to do now that you all have graduated and the picture is the result!  The layout was completed at a group crop and I snagged a couple of leaf cutouts from another project they had going on and coupled the floral cutouts to add to the tapestry feel of the overall design.  The base is a flocked texture and I ran color appropriate inks across the top to make it all flow together.  Since graduation, these young ladies no longer have a 'now what' outlook, but are facing life head on and taking names!!

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